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James DeLuca james_deluca
Wed Jul 30 22:17:51 BST 2003

Subject: [tig] RE: [Post] HDTV colour

>Why not establish a SMPTE Engineering Guideline 
>on such a practice?  It appears to make sense to 
>do so. Stephen W. Long	

>"It should be sufficiently simple in its construction
>and operation to permit an intelligent man to become 
>proficient in its use within a reasonable length of time."
>Signal Corps Specification Number 486 (which purchased 
>"One heavier-than-air flying machine" from Wilbur and 
> Orville Wright, 1908)

They should apply that 'sufficiently simple' requirement
to all NEW video storage media and equipment.

BTW: In my facility, it became common to use Red, Green &
Blue cables for both RGB and CAV wiring. At the same time
BLUE became standard for NTSC and GREEN for PAL composite,
leaving RED for monitoring in an attempt to consume the rolls
evenly. BLACK for reference, and WHITE for security camera video.

At Varitel Video where I worked briefly, CAV cabling used
YELLOW for luminance to differentiate RGB from CAV.

We have an even mix of BLUE & PINK CAT-5.

Jim DeLuca

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