[tig] HDTV colour

Alejandro Perez sensei
Thu Jul 31 02:00:07 BST 2003

> Adrian Thomas wrote:
>>> ...Finding the cable and the system it relates to is as
>>> simple as it can get with this approach.
>> What's wrong with English again?
> The hazards of trying to shoot out an email while doing real work and you
> really shouldn't because you don't have the time.  That and my son quoting
> Yoda a little too much...
> Try this. Translation:
> Con este metodo qualquier boludo puede encontrar un cable en el plano
> correspondiente.
> Better?  :-)


I was falling asleep with this issue about colourful cables...  Thanks
Martin for waking me up.  Nice translation!

Alejandro Perez

Buenos Aires

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