[tig] VIPER, anyone?

Robb Cadzow rcadzow
Mon Jun 30 19:06:40 BST 2003

Gotta make sure you use Thompson's LUT's to view/convert your files. 
We've had pretty good luck with the Viper stuff we've seen so far. You 
can get the LUT values from


Abraham Treadwell wrote:

> we had a small demo here and i wasn't particularly impressed. it 
> looked good until we compared it with some 35mm neg we had from a 
> recent job. it was a while ago now so the details escape me but my 
> impression was it didn't perform as well as we were expecting. also 
> the 'log' mode seemed to shift the colour balance green.
> abe
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> >
> > Consider the pixel to be a bucket.  Your light source/scene is a water
> hose.
> > If you have a one gallon bucket you'll fill that bucket in a given 
> amount
> of
> > time.
> And if you have to start filling the second bucket before the first 
> one is
> full and the third ..... etc !
> Graham
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