[tig] VIPER, anyone?

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Mon Jun 30 23:06:19 BST 2003

Abraham Treadwell wrote:

> we had a small demo here and i wasn't particularly impressed. it looked
good until we compared it with some 35mm neg we had from a recent job. it
was a while ago now so the details escape me but my impression was it didn't
perform as well as we were expecting. also the 'log' mode seemed to shift
the colour balance green.

The green shift you refer to is because you are pretty-much looking at
unprocessed data off the CCD's.  Compare it to centering all the controls on
your TK/color corrector and throwing a piece of negative on the machine.
Same issues.  As Rob said, squeeze it through a LUT and it will look

If I may turn on the marketing mode for a second.  I've been working on a
real time LUT box that will be suitable for manipulating color-space (3D
LUT) and 1D LUT's on signals such as the dual link coming out of the Viper.
Intended applications range from Viper to TK, monitoring, graphics, etc.  It
is not a real-time color corrector but rather a fixed (once loaded)
transformation engine.

The Viper is the best offering in digital cinematography at the moment.  By
far the best information content per frame at any given resolution.

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