[Tig] US media rules changed

Robert Lovejoy rlovejoy
Mon Jun 2 20:24:45 BST 2003

Ah yes.  I remember way back in college, taking TV-R courses at 
Syracuse, we were taught "the airwaves belong to the public".  Now they 
belong to the mega-corporations.  A few individuals now have control 
over what the masses may be exposed to.  Don't think they won't use 
that control (remember the Dixie Chicks got dropped by Clear Channel 
for speaking out against Bush's war plans).  

I'd mention something about diversity but that went out the window (on 
radio anyway) after the payola scandals of the fifties.  Free form 
degenerated into the Format, playlists shrunk from thousands to 
hundreds to tens of songs. It's better explained here:


O brave new world...

Robert Lovejoy
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