[Tig] HDcam is cool b/c it's 3% cheaper...

Clark Bierbaum clark
Mon Jun 2 23:51:05 BST 2003

	Pretty balanced report on "Marketplace" - a US Public radio show re: 
HD production.  (http://www.marketplace.org)  May be tomorrow before 
the stream will be up.
	Bottom Line - no home viewer cares and it's roughly 3% cheaper.  This 
along with today's FCC ruling makes me think about going back to home 
remodeling as a career.
	I think that over the past very few years okay has become great and 
barely passable has become good - as long as it's cheap.  Glad I own a 
final cut system and 3 chip MiniDV so I can become a TV mogul.  Maybe I 
can undercut my own iQ rate!
	How's life in the rest of our shrinking industry?

Monday Blue,

Clark Bierbaum
Senior Colorist
The Film Foundry
Charlotte, NC
clark at thefilmfoundry.com

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