[Tig] HDcam is cool b/c it's 3% cheaper...

Rob Lingelbach rob
Tue Jun 3 02:48:29 BST 2003

On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 06:51:05PM -0400, Clark Bierbaum wrote:

> HD production.  (http://www.marketplace.org)  May be tomorrow before 
> the stream will be up.
> 	Bottom Line - no home viewer cares and it's roughly 3% cheaper.  This 
> along with today's FCC ruling makes me think about going back to home 
> remodeling as a career.

hi Clark.  can you tell me in comparison to what is HD
production 3% cheaper- 35mm film?   (and forgive me for not
being among those who can listen to streaming audio due to
my simple, slow but reliable and free modem connection)

> barely passable has become good - as long as it's cheap.  Glad I own a 
> final cut system and 3 chip MiniDV so I can become a TV mogul.  Maybe I 
> can undercut my own iQ rate!

hey, as long as it's digital, it's modern and wonderful,
right?  seriously, _digital_ has had the longest life of any
advertising hook ever, I'd venture to say.  And tell me
the compressed TDMA audio of cellphones is better than the
original analog system.  At least I could understand and
hear some dynamic range in the analog audio.

--Rob Lingelbach
TIG founder-coadmin

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