[Tig] HDcam is cool b/c it's 3% cheaper...

Clark Bierbaum clark
Tue Jun 3 03:14:55 BST 2003

On Monday, Jun 2, 2003, at 21:48 US/Eastern, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> hi Clark.  can you tell me in comparison to what is HD
> production 3% cheaper- 35mm film?   (and forgive me for not
> being among those who can listen to streaming audio due to
> my simple, slow but reliable and free modem connection)

The reporter gave the example of a $1M per show budget and a $30k 
savings in stock, processing and telecine  - first time I've ever heard 
the word telecine on the radio - Ashcroft needs to monitor public radio 
more :-)!  Also commented how Sony's first savings numbers were way off 
- duh!

> hey, as long as it's digital, it's modern and wonderful,
> right?  seriously, _digital_ has had the longest life of any
> advertising hook ever, I'd venture to say.  And tell me
> the compressed TDMA audio of cellphones is better than the
> original analog system.  At least I could understand and
> hear some dynamic range in the analog audio.

Ever get a chance to hear how good old 50's studio sound tracks were 
right off of a mag follower - will any sound tracks be playable 50 
years from now?  Probably not, but they won't take up near as much 
space :-/

I'm too young to sound so old but that's what our industry will do to 

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