[Tig] HDcam is cool b/c it's 3% cheaper...

Guy Baker GHMC. hdedit
Tue Jun 3 05:48:21 BST 2003

wasn't' this all said about two years ago...
I think the post said "Film is Dead" on the cover of a
DV mag. All those HD groups saying this is the best
way for Indies to do their work and the Studios love
the new HD captures??????  Then the next thing to hit
the edit bey was to do our best to make it look like
film. The cost did not seem to be an issue. Them they
said, Let's put it on film after. All I know is most
DP's I know will stay with Film. If you want it to
look like film, smell like film, have the quality of
film... Then hey why not shoot it on Film.

We all saw the D-2 format come and go... Then the D-1.
How many folks still have that D-2 machine???? For all
I know, those that transfered their original neg to
D-2 or D-1 can still transfer their neg or print to
the new format. What will be next... Maybe D-236????
Ya I like the ring to that D-236. It kinda rolls off
the tongue. Well what ever is next, I bet the
acquisition format will be "Film". 

Sorry for my rambling, it just seem like we have all
heard this before....

I guess with all the reality TV on now they are right,
Video is cheaper, but what happens when we trash all
the Arri's and people decide to be creative again???

This is a great statement...
<<"Folks on both sides of the camera say what?s
driving this changeover is that film can?t get much
than it already is, and that digital cinematography
does save studios money." 
If it is the best why change it. What are the exact
savings or is it just Sony trying to create their
market place????????? 

What Studios???? Just call any distributer and ask
them if you can acquisition on DV.
<<Studios are telling creators of new shows to shoot
digitally because of the dollar savings.

<< "Last year, 27 prime-time network TV shows were
shot on digital cameras instead of film; this fall,
it?ll grow to around 35 shows."

How many Reality TV shows are there 37????????????

Guy Baker
Santa Clarita California

--- Clark Bierbaum <clark at thefilmfoundry.com> wrote:
> CJ Scheppers supports the tig.
> All,
> 	Pretty balanced report on "Marketplace" - a US
> Public radio show re: 
> HD production.  (http://www.marketplace.org)  May be
> tomorrow before 
> the stream will be up.
> 	Bottom Line - no home viewer cares and it's roughly
> 3% cheaper.  This 
> along with today's FCC ruling makes me think about
> going back to home 
> remodeling as a career.
> 	I think that over the past very few years okay has
> become great and 
> barely passable has become good - as long as it's
> cheap.  Glad I own a 
> final cut system and 3 chip MiniDV so I can become a
> TV mogul.  Maybe I 
> can undercut my own iQ rate!
> 	How's life in the rest of our shrinking industry?
> Monday Blue,
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