[Tig] sync gen question.

Michael Burton mburton
Tue Jun 3 22:22:29 BST 2003

Theoretically you could do without a tri-level sync generator by running the
Spirit on internal sync. This is very limiting however as you cannot
reliably down-convert. The 2K only locks to incoming video, so it won't be a
problem, however to get the 2KTLC (or external TLC2) to operate correctly
you will need at the least a 6Hz generator locked to your NTSC reference.

The easiest way to do this is with an Evertz 7000 system tri-level card
which gives tri-level 48hz as well as bi-level 6hz and can be gen-locked to
an external 525 reference.

The HDCAM will lock to the system tri-level, or you can leave the reference
in AUTO mode and it will also lock to incoming video.

Michael Burton
Operations Manager / Director
Cutting Edge Post
Brisbane, Australia

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> CJ Scheppers supports the tig.
> System is a Spirit - daVinci 2k - HDcam VTR.  Do I need a
> tri-level sync generator or can I use a standard 525 generator?
> HDcam VTR functions with STD sync but only in interlaced format,
> for progressive format I need a tri-level sync generator.
> Is this also true of the Spirit?
> Thanks in advance.
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