[Tig] sync gen question.

Craig Nichols cnichols
Wed Jun 4 02:31:21 BST 2003

The most reliable method we have used for Dual Sync with the 2K, Spirit, and
external TLC, is to use a sync gen that provides 6hz, NTSC vertical drive,
and trilevel sync  that is locked to master 525 reference (an NVision 5500).
The Spirit then genlocks to the appropriate trilevel sync (usually 23.98
nowadays), and the Spirit sync output then feeds the TLC.  The Evertz
7725SRG-HD has been reliable for us.  There are more alternatives now like
Tektronix SPG700, NVision, Ensemble Design, Leitch, and probably others I am
unaware of. They may perhaps be more cost effective.  Your mileage may vary.

If you were doing 1080i60 only, you could probably run the Spirit in
internal sync and feed it's sync output to the TLC and HDcam, but I would
not suggest this as a long term solution.

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Craig Nichols
Ascent Media Services Hollywood 

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