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For those of you in the US...

Sat in a hotel room in SFO and noticed the ad for TNT's Caesar. I would be interested in people's comments after it is shown as it was graded entirey in HD at Cinecitt? via Qcolour on iQ - no traditional grading.

Due to a bit of back-&-frowing it was not the ideal technical approach as although all film transfer was done via uncompressed RGB data it ended up on D5 prior to grading starting (for reasons outside of our control - and for which the director was most un-happy - especially the 16:9 crop). This compromised some of the work, as did the fogging that occured on some scenes due to x-ray machines. It also didn't help that some editing was done elsewhere prior to grading, and the same goes for the vfx shots, but them's the breaks.

Although I do use Quantel's iQ and Qcolour a lot it is the concept of data based grading within the context of the full edit that I'm really interested in -  as Bob Blanks recently commented on for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. A process that is removing all color correction from the telecine suite and placing it at the back end of the creative process where it can best be judged as everything is in context. 

But what I find really exciting about this change in approach is that in all the DI style environemnts that I find my self as a consultant it is the colorists that seem to be becoming the new hero operators, taking on areas of editing and vfx - rather than editors and vfx operators taking on color correction. I even have clients where film lab colorists (timers) are becoming the DI operators. How's that for a brave new world?


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