[Tig] sync gen question.

James DeLuca james_deluca
Wed Jun 4 19:18:05 BST 2003

Craig Nichols wrote:
	The most reliable method we have used for Dual Sync with the 2K, Spirit,
	external TLC, is to use a sync gen that provides 6hz, NTSC vertical drive,
	and tri-level sync  that is locked to master 525 reference (an NVision
	The Spirit then genlocks to the appropriate tri-level sync (usually 23.98
	nowadays), and the Spirit sync output then feeds the TLC.  The Evertz
	7725SRG-HD has been reliable for us.

The correct model I think Craig meant to say was 7750SRG-HD, available
alone or as part of a package:

Disclaimer: I am not now, nor ever have been,
in a financial relationship w/ Evertz, just a satisfied...

Jim DeLuca, Senior Video Engr.
Crest National Digital Media Complex - Video Lab

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