Fwd: Re: yellow vs. amber (was Re: [Tig] USA-vs-The World)

Rob Lingelbach rob
Fri Jun 6 07:11:43 BST 2003

here's the smoking gun from the mails that are being sent
out with old content but with fresh viruses:

> Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=" Free lance colorist-S.F.scr"
Someone, unnamed here but not British, is a little
frustrated and though they created a week's worth of work
for me in fixing their breakins and compromises about two
months ago, they know just how to title a malicious
attachment to get the attention of a TIG reader.  The
destination addresses for these viral messages are probably
culled from the tig archives, and the next step i can take
is to make the archives private (password only), though I
hate to do that.

TIG coadmin

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