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RRicamonte at mtr.org RRicamonte
Fri Jun 6 17:51:57 BST 2003

For the past couple of weeks, Verizon has two commericals (that I've seen so
far) with James Earl Jones in VERY active sports.  I find it hard to believe
that he'd water ski or go skyboarding, so I'm taking an educated guess and
using my technical eye in asking the community at large - who did the work
and computer graphics?  I think it looks good from a general view but it's
my eye that tells me that there's a flaw.  

If Mr. Jones did do those stunts, then I'm a chicken on ice skates....

Any takers?


R. Ricamonte
Tv MaInTeNaNcE eNgIneEr
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				- Johnny Rivers (Secret Agent Man)

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