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Sun Jun 8 12:37:44 BST 2003

Hi folks,
Just wanted to point out that the present content of the DigitaIntermediate page Rob has set-up is based on text written by Steve Shaw, Digital Praxis (me) and not Kevin Shaw, davinci.
No great worries, just don't want people to think that what is there is Kevin's views as he may not agree with what I have written, which was based on my DI set-up at Cinecitta Studios, AVV Australia, MPC Soho, etc.

Looking forward to seeing how this evolves as I am obviously a great believer in the future of DI.

It may also be worth noting that I have continued to evolve my full DI paper (now some 50 pages) and it's available to anyone who is interested in reading it.
It is also forming the basis for a DI booklet being edited by Bob Pank for Quantel. It will be very interesting to see the two (davinci and Quantel's) together.


Steve Shaw
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