[tig] Freeview opinion sought

Rob Lingelbach rob
Tue Jun 10 05:05:23 BST 2003

The Freeview system in England is over-the-air digital,
could someone comment on its quality and how the system
works economically speaking?.  My impression is that one
only pays for the decoder and then there are no charges.

is it then as good as pay satellite services or pay cable

and does that make available in Britain then these options:

over-the-air standard def analogue  (free after equipment)
cable            "     "   "        (pay)
over-the-air standard def digital   (free after equipment)
cable            "     "   "        (pay)
satellite        "     "   "        (pay)

thanks in advance.
--Rob Lingelbach
TIG coadmin, colorist

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