[tig] More funny stuff. All true

Philip Mendelson pmendelson
Wed Jun 11 21:48:12 BST 2003

Reminds me of the task we used to assign to every newbie at a recording
studio at which I worked in the seventies: We'd have them calling all over
town (to our competitors, mainly) asking to borrow a 'bucket of nanowebers'


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Many years ago...Early morning call ... daVinci panels
don't work ... Move panel and ants pour out of panel
and have eaten the coffee flavored foam from the
trackballs!!!! Definitely not a warranty repair!

Years ago, an engineer labels umbilical cord for 24
track machine as a "Biblical Cord". The funny part is
he thought that was the proper name.  Maybe it was.

An audio engineer friend told me about the annoying
audio tech they sent on a quest to "empty the residual
hiss" out of a Dolby SR unit.  They told him there was
a filter tray to empty!  They had him going for
several hours!

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