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Martin Euredjian ecinema
Wed Jun 11 22:05:23 BST 2003

Might as well jump in...

Reminded me of a cruel joke my buddies subjected me to back in the Pacific
Video days.  I had been working on a bad intermittent problem on a Grey
timecode generator.  Full setup on my bench, a couple of scopes, a couple of
generators (good vs. bad) voltmeters, and whatever other voodoo I could
summon-up to help figure it out.  For about three days (if not more) things
were absolutely weird, the darn things would start beeping, signals would
make strange transitions.  With every event I'd go down yet another (I would
later find out) fruitless road.

They finally took pitty on me and called me over to the other end of the
shop.  Roger (Augustine) slides open a drawer and shows me a huge variable
transformer.  It took a nanosecond to realize I had been taken for a ride.
He and Chuck (Slezak) wired my whole bench, powerstrips, etc., to the
variable transformer.  Every so often Roger would reach down, slide open the
drawer and have a little fun.  Man, I'll never forget that one!

"Check the power supply, stupid!"

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