[tig] More funny stuff. All true

Mark Sweeney Mark.Sweeney
Wed Jun 11 22:47:18 BST 2003

Years ago back in Australia we still used Rank MKII's to play movies direct to air. One afternoon we teed a sweep generator BETWEEN the colorgrade rack and aperture rack. The next shift found that no matter what was bypassed or board was swapped that damn patterning just stayed in the blue channel!

Our shift was bored one night. Ended up shooting rockets (better known as electrolytics with too much voltage applied) for a while. One of them went astray and landed near the open rack vacuum tube STLs. The next shift spent hours trying to find where the "faulty" cap had come from!

Try "re-shaping"  a round holesaw to a square holesaw and put it back in the holesaw kit. Next time you need a square hole, tell the new guy to get the square holesaw out of the kit and watch him have fun!

Mark Sweeney

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