[tig] Engineering and Colourist Position available

Tony Meerakker Tony.Meerakker
Tue Jun 10 23:24:16 BST 2003


Highly creative with a great eye for colour, customer
focused with extensive experience using the Cintel C-Reality
- DSX 2K/HD/SD Telecine and the daVinci 2K Plus Colour
Corrector for the feature film and television markets.


The ultimate team player, we require a Telecine Engineer
with a minimum of 4 years of Telecine related experience.
Experience in 2K and HD technologies will be a definite

Please forward your resume to:

Tony Meerakker
VP, Picture Post Production
Deluxe | Sound and Picture
424 Adelaide Street East,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M5A 1N4
tony.meerakker at bydeluxe.com
Tel:   (416) 957-6253
Fax:  (416) 364-0615

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