[tig] More funny stuff. All true

martin wells colourblonde
Thu Jun 12 08:41:04 BST 2003

i started as a tape operator several years ago at a place in toronto that 
had ampex vpr 3 1"machines. i had never used them before so the guy that was 
showing me around said that they had all been wired to suck any tape 
dropouts through a tube and into a "dropout tray" which was in  machine #10. 
anyone that has never used these machines should know that there is a big 
vacuum unit attached to them. anyway it seemed logical at the time. so for 
several days, each morning i would come in and empty the tray. much to my 
surprise there was always quite a lot of dropouts!  eventually they let me 
in on the joke. the dropouts were eraser shavings that the night shift had 
been putting in there.
i felt pretty stupid but it made for a good laugh.

martin wells
stockholm post production

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