[tig] Funny stuff all true

martin sansom martinsansom
Thu Jun 12 11:57:01 BST 2003

I heard this one in India.
A client calls an editor on saturday night asking him to work the next day, 
the editor didn't want to work on a sunday ( apparently he wasn't that keen 
on monday to friday either, typical editor) so he thought about it and 
called the client back saying " the problem is we need to put colour bars on 
the front of the tape and we've run out of them, busy week and all, and of 
course being a sunday the shops are shut so we'll have to wait till monday 
when we can buy some more".
The client actually bought this explanation and re-scheduled
Wish he was my client "you want it in black and white? that'll be an extra 
charge mate.
Martin Sansom.

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