[tig] More funny stuff. All true

Lapointe Michel m.lapointe
Thu Jun 12 21:26:25 BST 2003

So am I the only one who ever sent a new tech looking for the genlock key? 

I was trying to load a 35 mag with no markers 
so I asked the colorist how to recognize the coating side.

" very easy:  it's just like the film emulsion side. It will stick
to your lip "

  ...  I tried it and it's not true :-)

a tech director putting a monitor in H/V delay 
to show a new tech he expected him to be  able to read VITC by mentally
converting the 
white squares to 0 and 1.  ...  all the time glancing at a TC reader 2 racks

We had a film transfer rejected by a broadcaster in Japan.
The QC report came with a single time code and some japanese writing.
We had the note translated :  it was simply marked "hair".  

gee, must be a huge film damage.....
But we could not find a single speck of dust in this whole section.
...after everybody looked at the screen a number of times,  someone 
finally figured out that ...pubic hair  was apparent in this love

Michel Lapointe


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