[tig] More Funny Stuff (All True)

Alejandro Perez sensei
Fri Jun 13 04:25:28 BST 2003

"I want this transfer with burnt-in TIME CORE and KING CODE..." (producer)

"I want this transfer with Longitudinal Time Code, Vertical Time Code and
Slanting Time Code." (production assistant)

"I've shooted all this commercial with an ultra-red filter -in order to get
more dramatic skies". (DOP after shooting with 5248 stock).

"Looks great!  I dunno why we've shooted so many rolls!"  (Advertising
Creative after looking to a light box with his product pack and the monitor
with that pack shooted and color corrected; thinking -may be- that the light
box was a magical kind of 3D scanner...)


Alejandro Perez
Cinecolor Post
Buenos Aires.

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