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RE: [tig] More funny stuff. All trueRemember Ampex DCT, they actually made Pal tape stock. 
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  No, you're not the only one. However, to be done properly - you must first be standing by a locked cabinet, supply room door, locked rack, etc. and have a large & heavy ring of keys in your hand and a disappointed look on your face. Only then do you send the newbie off in search of the key to the genlock.

  BTW, did you know that a 10k 1/4 watt resistor in a 120v outlet gives you anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to establish an alibi before it goes puff ;-)

  Also, when introducing the newbie to dual standard VTR operations (PAL to NTSC operators in this example) it is incumbent on all to first explain the intricacies of PAL reference, PAL timing/blanking/level standards and last but not least instruct them to request some PAL raw stock before making a basic.



  Rich Torpey


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  So am I the only one who ever sent a new tech looking for the genlock key? 


  I was trying to load a 35 mag with no markers 
  so I asked the colorist how to recognize the coating side. 

  " very easy:  it's just like the film emulsion side. It will stick 
  to your lip " 

    ...  I tried it and it's not true :-) 


  a tech director putting a monitor in H/V delay 
  to show a new tech he expected him to be  able to read VITC by mentally converting the 
  white squares to 0 and 1.  ...  all the time glancing at a TC reader 2 racks away... 


  We had a film transfer rejected by a broadcaster in Japan. 
  The QC report came with a single time code and some japanese writing. 
  We had the note translated :  it was simply marked "hair".  

  gee, must be a huge film damage..... 
  But we could not find a single speck of dust in this whole section. 
  ...after everybody looked at the screen a number of times,  someone 
  finally figured out that ...pubic hair  was apparent in this love scene...... 


  Michel Lapointe 


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