[tig] (no subject)

jeffh jeffh
Tue Jun 17 21:40:52 BST 2003

I work as a telecine operator/colorist (well, not really the latter) at a post facility.  The fact that we are a sound house, with a small video operation "on the side" will explain why we have no real telecine techies, or senior colorist, etc., as a real video facilty would.  As a matter of fact, I am the most knowledgable person on staff here (hence the problem...LOL) and have no one to turn to with a question or problem.  We have just upgraded from a Bosch FDL-60 (joysticks and all) with no color corrector, to a Quadra with a daVinci 888, and this is my first experience with a color corrector.  I have been able to get some help from daVinci tech, but was wondering if there are any resources that a person such as myself who is in the process of learning the trade can benefit from?  Or, if I had a question from time to time, (how to do this/that/whatever) should I post it here, and expect a response?  Thank you for your time.


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