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Marc Wielage mfw
Wed Jun 18 08:44:01 BST 2003

On 6/17/03 1:40 PM, "jeffh" <jeffh at nvbb.net> asked on the TIG list:

> ...was wondering if there are any
> resources that a person such as myself who is in the process of learning the
> trade can benefit from?

Jeff, many of us out here in LA used 888's for years, and know it inside and
out.  While I think the business has kind of swung more towards the 2K these
days (and I don't think daVinci has made new 888's for years), there are
still a lot of them out there, still in use, still making decent 525/625

Since I don't believe daVinci offers an 888 instruction class anymore,
probably your best bet would be to find a freelance colorist in your area
(there's gotta be one or two who'd be willing to come by, for a fee), and
give you a couple of day's instruction on the machine.  Go through the
manual as best you can, though my recollection is that the 888 manual only
offered only the bare essentials.

But I know of no school or facility that offers resources like this, per se.
I think a freelance guy is your best bet.  You can probably learn more in
one day from a good experienced colorist than you could in several months by
yourself, trying to learn it on your own.  They can also show you the
essentials of making a decent picture, along with the traps to avoid. (For
example:  don't make color-correction lists with more than 999 events!)  I'm
sure Rob's website has a list of people who could do this for you, or maybe
daVinci's office could help you find somebody.

--Marc Wielage/Cinesite Digital Imaging
  Hollywood, USA

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