[tig] HD questions

polyak.j at matavnet.hu polyak.j
Thu Jun 19 13:58:22 BST 2003

Dear Sirs,

We are planning to buy HD equipment to grade feature films with DaVinci and transfer 
to 35. We need a HDCAM VTR, a DaVinci upgrade, Disk Recorder and scope and 
I am a little bit confused in HD. So I have some questions.

If I record in 24p or 25p can I playback it as 24 and/or 25 psf? (If yes I suppose we do 
not have to buy the more expensive cinealta monitor, BVM-F24 to view the material.)

Do we have to buy the HDW-F500 VTR in order to record and playback all HD formats 
(1080 24p, 25p,30p, 50i, 60i, etc.) or HDW-M2000 is enough?

I appreciate any information.

Thank for your help in advance.

Best Regards,

Janos Polyak

Hungarian Film Laboratories
Budakeszi ?t 51.

Phone: +361-391-0527
fax: +361-394-3968

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