[tig] VIPER, anyone?

WheelerWerks wwerks
Thu Jun 26 18:52:32 BST 2003

Recently went to a (NY) SMPTE meet where we were treated to a demo of Thomson's Viper. While the
demo was marketing wizardry at its best (lots of fast cuts from Viper-film-Viper-pushed IR, etc.)
there were a few longish shots that showed this thing at its best.  The presentation included a
PowerPoint showing how this beast would fit into workflow and some of the specs of the system.

So, in looking back at recent list postings (going back to the NAB time frame) nobody here seem's to
have mentioned it.  Given that they're saving 12 bit uncompressed (fine, 10 log) and leaving the
'footage' as-is (giving y'all something to play with), any thoughts from the list on this first step
in digital acquisition for digital cinema?  It also seems to me to tie in to the discussion of DI,
but then I'm a vidiot, whaddo I know.


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