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john.pytlak at kodak.com john.pytlak
Thu Jun 26 21:14:23 BST 2003

Here is the  Kodak information about EASTMAN KEYKODE  numbers:


Kodak developed KEYKODE in the late 1980's, and worked with the SMPTE in 
standardizing the printed information.

Other film manufacturers then developed their own versions, such as Fuji's 
"MR code".


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From: "Mark Quod" <MarkQ at Primepost.com>
To: "TIG" <tig at tig.alegria.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 11:34:05 -0700
Subject: [tig] Keykode or Keycode?

What's the proper way to spell Keykode / Keycode.  Kodak uses a K,  what
about other film stocks or equipment retailers.  Any thoughts?


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