[tig] Keykode or Keycode?

Maurice Patel maurice.patel
Thu Jun 26 21:26:34 BST 2003

I suppose the proper name is "edge numbers" or "key numbers" - Eastman Keykode is a trademark used by Kodak for the edge numbers on its stock and not really a generic name - Keycode has come into popular use as a more generic alternative but is probably a derivative of Keykode (I suppose it would be like spelling Xerox "Zerox" and using it as a generic term for photocopy - so I suppose the long and short of it depends on how you want to use the term. If its for something in print, I'd only use KeyKode(TM) when referring to Kodak key numbers and otherwise use "key numbers" 

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What's the proper way to spell Keykode / Keycode.  Kodak uses a K,  what
about other film stocks or equipment retailers.  Any thoughts?


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