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john.pytlak at kodak.com john.pytlak
Fri Jun 27 22:11:58 BST 2003

Oops!  I Usually do.  Sorry.

(signed by:)
John P. Pytlak
Senior Technical Specialist
Customer Technical Services
Entertainment Imaging
Research Labs, Building 69, Room 7525A
Eastman Kodak Company
Rochester, New York 14650-1922  USA
Telephone: +1 585 477 5325
Cell: +1 585 781 4036
Fax: +1 585 722 7243
e-mail: john.pytlak at kodak.com
website: http://www.kodak.com/go/motion

David Tosh <dlt at earthlink.net>
06/27/2003 05:06 PM

        To:     John P Pytlak/582510/EKC at Kodak, tig at tig.colorist.org
        Subject:        Re: [tig] Re: Tig digest, Vol 1 #606 - 2 msgs

At 04:14 PM 6/26/2003 -0400, john.pytlak at kodak.com wrote:
>...Here is the  Kodak information about EASTMAN KEYKODE  numbers:


Just like on CML, it is greatly appreciated by the administrators (and, we 

assume, the other 1300 subscribers) if you paste a useful subject line 
a reply to a digest.

[tig] Keykode or Keycode?
instead of:
Re: Tig digest, Vol 1 #606 - 2 msgs

Dave Tosh
TIG co-administrator 

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