[tig] VIPER, anyone?

Stuart Monksfield smonksfield
Mon Jun 30 02:27:01 BST 2003

Yes, as you said. The way it can dynamically reallocate which rows
vertically to read from was all I am referring to. I can't recall the exact
numbers, but it was heaps more than 1080 vertically. But if you want to read
out 1080 high from a highly concentrated area of the CCD, it allows you to
get 1:2.35 viewing aspect whilst fully using all 1920x1080 of them. So you
get to do anamorphic recording, with standard spherical lenses. This was
where our work flow chart started to come across the odd hiccup.

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Stuart Monksfield wrote:

> Its actually HD res not 2K res, but 4:4:4 10-bit Log non-the less.
> Very clever CCD technology I may add, though I'm still trying place its
> cleverness neatly into a workflow model.
Stuart:  Just what do you think is the cleverness of the CCD technology?
Anything besides the vertical over sampling then vertical filtering to the
desired 720 or 1080 vertical lines.

Regards, Bill Hogan

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