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This is my first time responding to any post on the TIG.  This is not so
much because of indifference or laziness, but because I am employed by a
industry-related manufacturer.  Because of the potential for bias that
brings with it, my place in this forum is to simply shut-up and listen.  I
couldn't be more happy with this arrangement.  I can go to any of the trade
magazines to see a marketing spin on my product or a multitude of others.  I
deal with the heated battles of competitive products in your subscriber's
facilities on a daily and weekly basis.  I can also go to any one of a 1000+
chat sites to read or rant about the present conflicts our country is
involved in should I see fit. 

Where I don't have to deal with those things, or should have to deal with
those things, is on the TIG.  Your rules are what keep this forum honest,
informative, unbiased and entertaining.  There is nothing wrong with the TIG
or the Rob Lingelbach method of TIG management.  You are doing it right.
Please keep it running and please remain at the helm.

Thank you for your contributions both past and present.


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as the tig has grown, so does maintaining it grow.  For 
9 years with the help of Rich Torpey and Dave Tosh I've 
tried to keep it professional, and I feel it's possible 
some some of my decisions are interpreted as caprice or
arrogance.  I'm guilty of caring very much about its 
health, which state is subject to harsh opinion.

if a significant portion of the community feels it better 
that I give up running it, I'll do so.  It's a fulltime 
job, has led to being broke, and isn't for a sensitive 

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