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Graham Collett grahamcollett
Mon Mar 31 20:46:48 BST 2003

john Frey  has said something controversial and i see the positive and negative sides of what he has said. Poeple do have to consider these things when they are going to spend ?1,000,000 even if they are political. Our discussions can include these things or not, but, in this case i think it could have got nasty.

I strongly support Rob for making that stance in keeping our forum professional. If weren't for someone as dedicated as Rob we would not have the goldmine of info that we do.  I also believe that there are many people around the world who take advantage of this to advance their business without having to employ proffessionals.  Many of these people (i would imagine)also do not contribute to the TIG. Even $50 from each post house / proffessional in the world would be a token jesture to say "this is a good thing for us" .  I strongly believe that everyone subscribed should pay something for Rob's dedication even if he makes a few quid out of it.--.he deserves it.
I for one will be asking people to donate --- i think everyone in a similar position, talking to many telecine type's, should do the same. Donation boxes should be on all telecine type manufacturers stands. 
I'll buy a tub for locating on the San Lab stand and will ask about placing them on other stands.
Long live Rob, long live the TIG, but pay for it, its hard work and expensive.
Graham Collett

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