[Tig] surrender

Robert Lovejoy rlovejoy
Mon Mar 31 23:43:20 BST 2003

Whoa, wait a minute here.  I've been a part of the TIG longer than I care to
think about it and I'm standing up now to say how much I respect Rob and
what he's done for all of us.  Sure, sometimes we get a little off topic and
that usually slides, but I've generally gotten more useful TK info here than
I have from Post, Shoot, or Millimeter.

I don't see anyone else standing up on Rob's behalf, so I'm here to say I
understand and respect his policies.  Without moderation the TIG could turn
into a circus.  I for one feel Rob drew the line at a proper place, and as
his message implies the denial of service is coming from a disgruntled
former subscriber I also feel Rob did the right thing removing said person
from the list.  I mean, what a nasty thing to do.

Watching some of you folks hurling insults at Rob, then this - come on.  I'm
speaking out in favor of keeping the TIG close to Rob's intent.  Perhaps we
should split into two TIGs, main and social.  CML has a lot of flavors. I
don't know; then there's the question of bandwidth and system maintenance.
I sure don't have the time to run a mailing list as important as this one
is.  I never had a problem with how the TIG has been run and I suspect there
are others as well.  I think Rob could use a little support now, and if you
are as amazed by this debacle as I am now is a good time to send that
support along.

Bob Lovejoy
Senior Colorist
Shooters Post & Transfer
Philadelphia, PA

These are my own opinions and not necessarily those of my employers.

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> Demetri Kitsopoulos supports the TIG.
> mailboxes at colorist.org available.
> the person who is causing denial of service to the tig host
> can stop now, I surrender.  I can't impact university bandwidth.
> (and i can see your source routing)
> contact me about taking over the tig.
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