[Tig] Emulating Print Transfer Functions

Rob Lingelbach caltech
Sat Mar 1 03:04:54 GMT 2003

On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 09:21:17PM -0500, domenic rom wrote:

> We played with low con, CRI and IP. There is no doubt IP was the best next
> to the original negative.There was a learning curve with transferring  IP
> but in the end the filmmaker was happier and the product looked better.

CRI, wow hadn't thought of that one in  a while.

I think it depends on what result you want to obtain- what is
your vision of the final image.   Some transfers want to be
faithful to the original image through the viewfinder, others
want to use certain effects after the film is shot.  
I had 12 years of transferring nothing but print for the
commercials of this director/DP and he was at the top of his

http://www.alegria.com/robwork.html  has some examples of these
commercials.  (jpegs that are but a rough translation)

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