[Tig] Emulating Print Transfer Functions

Sam Holtz sholtz
Sat Mar 1 03:45:39 GMT 2003

If the purpose is to obtain a certain contrast look, you may like other than
the original, however if you can have black and white compression, plus
gamma controls, you can achieve the same from the original, normally the
For all other reasons, specially resolution, color fidelity, color
saturation always will be best as close to the original, namely the
negative. a parallel comparison could be a hidef original at 2k played into
a monitor that has to interlace, and reduce the resolution, a comprised
clone may look better than the original, because it will have less
artifacts, not because it actually better. well I made my point. negative is
the only element that has all the information, and if you have color
corrector that takes all the power and functions necessary, you can achieve
the same "look" or even harder. By the way the labs print usually game 2.8
to allow for the negative gamma 0.54 and still have gamma above 1.0 (about
1.5) to compensate for the loss of contrast of the projector optics into a
large screen. No other reason.

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