[Tig] Emulating Print Transfer Functions

Rob Lingelbach caltech
Sat Mar 1 03:54:14 GMT 2003

On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 07:45:39PM -0800, Sam Holtz wrote:

> If the purpose is to obtain a certain contrast look, you may like other than
> the original, however if you can have black and white compression, plus
> gamma controls, you can achieve the same from the original, normally the
> negative.
> the only element that has all the information, and if you have color
> corrector that takes all the power and functions necessary, you can achieve
> the same "look" or even harder. 

yes, but in the case of some telecine work the objective is not
to try to get the full range from the film but rather to
abbreviate it and add the specific artifacts that an element like
print provides, like grain, sometimes streaking, black dirt
rather than white, even weave from an optical printer.  And there
are other less definable qualities of the print that a colorist
can feel by working with it.

It's not a trivial decision to work from print and had to be
justified over and over again in the years I took with it, by
testing and dialogue.. it's extremely expensive.   And again,
it's not for telecine when your objective is detail and rendition
faithfulness, but in the beginning anyway, film itself is a
translation, and print is a translation of the negative.


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