[Tig] Telecine 101

Mellissa Manzagol Mellissa
Sat Mar 1 06:38:47 GMT 2003

Thanks to all that replied to my request both on and off list.  Your
comments are well received and I will use many to guide this course.

It is my hopes to introduce student filmmakers to the finer points of
telecine (after the 101 bit, anyway) and give them reason to shoot film, as
opposed to the common comments I hear from students on how much cheaper
overall 24p is.  Price seems to be the focus of many, which I can completely
relate to, but with this it seems film is ruled out before given a chance.
This is not the case everywhere, but it has been mentioned by a few
students, then they tell their student friends, who go with the same opinion
since they have yet to develop one of their own.

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