[Tig] Brave new color correction world

Chuck Harrison cfharr
Sat Mar 1 15:49:25 GMT 2003

Hi all,

Some recent work out of Rochester Institute of Technology
makes one think that remarkably capable automated methods
of color correction may be on the horizon.


I am not talking about *creating* a look here, but rather
the traditional long-form video transfer problem of mapping
the high-dynamic-range cinematic vision onto the limited
color and contrast range of standard video.

Note that this work does spatially-varying gamut mapping,
so you can think of it as automatically generating as many
power windows as it needs to cover localized highlights,

This is dense color-science reading, but thought-provoking.

  Chuck Harrison
  Far Field Associates, LLC

Disclaimer: I can't think of what would be a relevant
commercial affiliation, so I swear I don't have any. :-)

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