[Tig] Transfer from Prints

Alejandro Perez sensei
Sun Mar 2 23:58:54 GMT 2003


There are  no true lies or solid trues about this matter.  Simply, there are
different projects, different clients and different approaches to achieve
"that" look.

I've really enjoyed reading the personal experiences of so many talented
colorists about this issue.

When I transfer from print I use to talk to the lab grader involved in the
project, first.  The lab guys have to be very careful about density an color
balance.  Transferring from positive stock is nice, from sure -but when I
get a 4 or 6 points dark print I'm lost.  Another approach is to make a
double transfer of the project; one with the printed rolls and the second
using the OCN rolls, using the 2K clipping in "variable" -making that "S"
curve more vertical- taking off all "Gain" & "Band" from the image and
putting out the "CRT Gamma" OFF in my Spirit.  Nasty blacks, strong
contrast.  Usually works when these two passes are combined.


Alejandro Perez
Buenos Aires.      

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