[Tig] Emulating Print Transfer Functions

Jean-Clement Soret jean-c
Mon Mar 3 11:09:30 GMT 2003

yes, but in the case of some telecine work the objective is not
to try to get the full range from the film....

Hi all, I can't agree more with Rob.
In 15 years of TK I have transfered almost any type of film you can imagine,
from nitrate to hand-painted, color/BW bipacked, flashed ENRs etc... I must
say, I have always loved print, it is often too contrast but what nice tones
and fall-off in the whites and blacks. I loved it so much that I spent years
to try to replicate it from OCN. Present it to clients as a base and it is
garanteed sucess. At the end you almost need a 3D LUT to do that as each
colour reacts differently to the printing process.
I have perfectioned this technique mostly with directors of Traktor, who I
have experimented a lot with. Today we mostly use OCN as they trust we can
do anything with it, but once in a while they bring a print and everytime I
find it refreshing, it is not perfect but there is always something good
about it. In fact the ultimate process to me is to do the grading from print
then redo it from OCN or IP taking the good things of both, a LUT applied on
top will always allow you to get details back in your windows. I'm not
talking about combining them, just using the print as a visual reference.
Can color correctors/telecines give a good emulation of print? Yes but they
haven't been designed for that: you will have to find the best way to do it,
and things like soft clip is only a small element of the process, telecines
always capture as much information as they can but it's not always what you
want. It really is up to the colorist with his experience to give the best
result with the tools he has. I like IP but I'm convinced you can achieve
the same result from OCN as long as you know the way to translate it.
Anyway, whether OCN, IP or print is the best element to work with is
completely subjective, it is an artistic decision.

Best regards.
Jean-Clement Soret

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