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Mon Mar 3 16:14:12 GMT 2003

This is/has being/been an interesting discussion.

However, IMHO as the print comes from the neg - the neg is capable of
providing a graded digital output that can match anything a print can
provide - but you need the tools to do this.

With control over multiple gamma curves, such as with Fettle, this is
easily possible to perform, from log data scans as least (they enable one
to match the film printer light process, including the print toe and
shoulder characteristics). By using our output LUTS as a guide (which match
the neg to print process for viewing of log data) we are able to match
almost exactly the film print process, even taking into consideration the
different viewing conditions of film vs video.

The lower desnity range of negative vs print allows the telecine/scanner to
better handle the available data (less noise and better handling of peak
values as neg is 2.0 density vs print 3.0) and obviously there is less
grain distortion on neg as the image has yet to be duped in any way.

It is worth remembering that a chemical film grader has very limited tools
at his/her disposal to make a print, so if we cannot match/better that in a
grading environment (I obviously prefer the data environment to telecine
grading) then something is not right. I always feel restricted when faced
with a print. But then I could be missing something???

Steve Shaw
Digital Praxis Ltd.

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