[Tig] Telecine 101

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Mon Mar 3 20:44:42 GMT 2003

You've missed the point. Reel changeovers = TWO telecine machines sharing a
TX output (switchable at reel changes). Thus while TK1 is on the air, you
are changing the film roll in TK2.

When TK2 is on the air, you change TK1.

Only when the film is over do you get a break.

My record is transmitting 'Cleopatra' (Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton etc.)
one Christmas. Fifteen reels of 35mm.

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Filmlight (http://www.filmlight.ltd.uk) supports the tig.

From: Jeff Booth
I've transmitted many of these from Cintel twin lens 35mm machines (live to
air, of course) with just 2 joysticks!
Live changeovers between reels as well!

I hope you at least had a program-break during which to do the reel change!
I can't imagine a "Please Stand By" slide whilst you do it!

Jim "licensed for air, but settle for post" DeLuca, Crest

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