acronyms (was Re: [Tig] HD distribution?)

James DeLuca james_deluca
Mon Mar 3 21:05:13 GMT 2003

From: Rob Lingelbach
Subject: acronyms

> it's good to keep in mind that internet and world wide web are separate,
> and email doesn't necessarily include web access.

revision: www is a subset of the net, net is superset of www.

For those members with e-mail but no internet access
find a way to download the PDF version of this site.
Front page has all abbreviations; hovering opens bubble-help 
w/ decode txt, or click for links to detailed info.

Attached is a 'HOW-TO' access anything on the INTERNET by e-mail alone.
(It may not be pretty, but when your employer doesn't trust you 
w/ full web access, you do what you gotta' do.)
In case attached 16kb ZIP file is a no-no, here's the link:

Jim "web access for all" DeLuca, Crest
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