[Tig] Telecine 101

James DeLuca james_deluca
Mon Mar 3 21:54:09 GMT 2003

From: Jeff Booth
Reel changeovers = TWO telecine machines sharing a TX output
 (switchable at reel changes). 
Only when the film is over do you get a break.

Two machines to one output, almost sounds like an edit suite!
At Compact Video back in 1981, our self-built edit system got code 
added to control a RANK. The telecine engineer was so excited he 
couldn't resist hooking them both up to one suite and was making 
color-corrected (and color-framed) edits to type-c 1" and 2" quad. 
Of course he couldn't cost-justify any sessions done that way 
(it used two suites of color correction, etc)

No breaks during the show - must be BBC/CBC or similar non-union facility!
(BTW: How do you hold off going to the loo for so long?
      More so, how does the audience?)

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