[Tig] Telecine 101

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Tue Mar 4 09:14:45 GMT 2003

I recall once that a (BBC) TK operator once transmitted a Marx Brothers film
with the reels in the wrong order. Nobody noticed.

We bought the offending operator a counting book for Christmas.

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My 1st Telecine thrill was live TX of Saturday morning Laurel & Hardy 4(?) 
reelers aged just 19.
Phoning my Mum and racking the pic's up & down to prove it was me!

Those cue dots used to fall off sometimes - giving an big adrenaline rush 
when forced to manually run machine, a little later than required!!

I remember seeing "Gone With The Wind" cans stacked up, mid '70's ready for 
How many cans would that have been?
Is it the longest film?

Anybody else got old TX stories?

Geoff Cooper

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