[Tig] Telecine 101

Marc Wielage mfw
Tue Mar 4 13:21:51 GMT 2003

Geoff Cooper <geoffc at molinare.co.uk> commented on the TIG list:

> My 1st Telecine thrill was live TX of Saturday morning Laurel & Hardy 4(?)
> reelers aged just 19.
> Phoning my Mum and racking the pic's up & down to prove it was me!

Hey, when I was 20, I was running an RCA TK-28 film chain in Tampa for WTVT
(then a CBS affiliate), back in 1975.  I still have nightmares of the time I
was running HATARI one Saturday afternoon -- a 2-1/2 hour epic on 16mm --
and somehow got the reels out of order during a changeover to the second

I realized my mistake about two minutes in, and managed to deftly switch
back to the correct reel during a wideshot, and then sweated blood for
hours, worrying that Howard Hawks would call up and get me fired!

Nothing like working in live TV to get your pulse racing...

--Marc Wielage/Cinesite Digital Imaging
  Hollywood, USA

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